Blue Bay Beach

This beautiful palm beach, one of the most beautiful white sand beaches of the iland, part of the Blue Bay Resort. It is also a very attractive location for divers and snorkelers.
Blue Bay is named after a former plantation Blaauw where in former times, among others grew limes.

Since 1990 the plantation has been converted into a resort with golf course, swimming pools and many beautiful homes where people mostly live permanently. A small portion is available for holiday rental. There are many facilities such as tennis courts, child care, yoga, diving center and three restaurants near the beach. The resort encourages thus the local economy and employment.

For those interested, there are historical remnants to see cannons from World War II. The American soldiers were defending here along with many local volunteers from the island of Curacao against Nazi submarines. The rocks at Blue bay were the ideal location to provide protection to the oil refinery. This oil was about 85% of fuel provided for the Allies.

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  1. Alka June 11, 2016 |
    Een heel mooi strandje! Echt puur caribian, veel palmbomen met veel schaduw, water is knalblauw.

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