Landhuis Habaai – Galerie Alma Blou (Willemstad)

Gallery Alma Blou today is an exhibition of Carribean art. Sunday and Saturday from 2PM closed.

Plantation House ‘Landhuis Habaai’ (Habaai Mansion) as it shows now, was built in the mid 18th century (+1752). The plantation was founded much earlier and is also one of the oldest on the island.
Short story of the Jews coming to Curacao late 17th centur:
Brazil used to be a Dutch colony until 1654, when it became Portuguese. Thereupon the Dutch Colonial Council alowed many Jews living in Brazil to move to Curaçao where they were given a large piece of land on the northwest shore of the Schottegat. This area was soon named as the Jewish quarter, because of the many Jewish houses that were built here. Landhuis Habaai is one of the few still excist.
The mansion started as a plantation, but it was afterwards turned into a country residence and a boarding school. The architecture has remained intact. >

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