Distillery at Plantation house Chobolobo (Willemstad area)

The story of Curaçao Liquor is very special story, a visit is for free and recommended.

Near Schottegatseweg-Oost Willemstad you can visit for free the distillery at Plantation house Chobolobo. There is a small museum with a film about the very interesting story of Curacao liquor, starting around 1600 when the Spanish introduced in vain their oranges. Around 1800 a jewisch inhabitant discovered the special smell of the dried peel. The Curacao liquor was born! You can also try the liquor at the factory.

At Elias RA Moreno Boulevard Salina, so outside the center and car needed. Not easy to find, but worth visiting!

This liqueur museum is located close to the farmhouse Red Catootje (until 12:00) and Bloemhof (until 13.30 open). Closed on weekends and / or mondays. Lunch in Zuikertuin is close, tasty and cozy.

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