Sea Aquarium- Swimming with Dolphins

The Seaquarium is located near the popular Mambo Beach . The Curacao Sea Aquarium is one of the most unique aquarium in the world with among others many dolphins.
Since 1984, the Sea Aquarium manages for all her animals to create the most natural habitat, because continuous fresh seawater flows in.
The animals are fed regularly , and you are cordially welkom to participate .

You can also book a trip with an underwater boat with large windows, providing a good view of the fish and the coral reef.
A very popular department is the Dolphin Academy . There are given daily shows, but you can also join the dolphins in open sea swimming or diving.
For young children there is a special platform where they stand in water up to their waists.
For people who want to know a lot of dolphins , there is a three day course Dolphins – in -Depth .

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