The Blue Room (West near Playa St. Cruz))

The Blue Room is a beautiful blue lit cave, a unique spot on Curacao. You can walk to the cave, swim, snorkel and see a lot of fish. The sunlight can only reach the inside of the cave via the water. That’s why the cave is also called The Blue Room.

The cave is better accessible by the water. From Sana Cruz you can walk over the rock 20 minutes from the Captain Goodlife Hut. Then walks a path that emerges from the black beach Boa Santu Pretu. See details on the internet It’s a bit of climbing, and the rocks are sharp. It is easier to swim yourself or arrange a trip through the Captain Goodlife water taxi or Maureen Renno guide. In any case, do not leave any valuable stuff on the rock when you swim to the Blue Room.

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