Plantation house Rooi Catootje – Museum Maduro (Willemstad area)

Plantation Red Catootje is open during the week. It is a small museum with interesting history about the famous Madoru family. They founded the Madurobank in the early 20th century, which contributed significantly to the building of Curacao. In addition, family member George Maduro is a resistance hero at WWII

Landhuis Habaai – Galerie Alma Blou (Willemstad)

Gallery Alma Blou today is an exhibition of Carribean art. Sunday and Saturday from 2PM closed. Plantation House ‘Landhuis Habaai’ (Habaai Mansion) as it shows now, was built in the mid 18th century (+1752). The plantation was founded much earlier and is also one of the oldest on the island.

Plantation house Bloemhof (Willemstad area)

This plantation house is small but beautiful. Museum and art gallery. Open during the morning Please follow and like us:

Plantation house Zeelandia (Willemstad)

Landhuis Zeelandia was not a real plantation house but a weekend home for the wealthy . It was built in 1850 and is now used as a training center . Please follow and like us:

Plantation house Jan Kok (West)

Jan Kok is one of the oldest manor houses and has an enchanting view of the lake with flamingos. Inside and outside you can admire the art of Nena Sanchez. Please follow and like us:

Plantation house Ascunsion (West)

Ascunsion is one of the most beautiful plantation houses. I was very impresed. Every Thursday at 08.30AM you might join a very interesting tour, and each 1st Sunday of the month an open day providing local food and art. A service in the chapel starting the day around 10.30. Please

Plantation house Knip – Museum Tula (West)

On this plantation is the notorious slave rebellion began in 1795 under the leadership of Tula. The beautifully on the hillside mansion is now a museum with an exhibition on slavery . Join the wonderful tour, inside and outside. Please follow and like us:

Plantation house Groot St. Martha (West)

Landhuis Groot Martha at Soto is only open during the week and well worth a visit. The beautiful restored mansion / restaurant Little Martha close by is also worth visting. If you pass Groot St. Martha, you wil have a wonderful view over the St. Martha Bay. Please follow and

Plantation house museum Savonet – Christoffelpark (West)

This country house, at the entrance o Christoffelpark, has recently been beautifully restored and converted into a museum . The exhibition is about the time Savonet was a plantation house with many slaves, land and relatively large livestock. Take at least 1.5 hour for a tour. There is a small