Amazonia – Jungle safari (East)

This Park is rather new. Has good reviews on Facebook. Rainforest Oasis Curacao’s but a stone’s throw from the South American mainland, and its history, culture, and ecology have all been influenced by that proximity. Without leaving the island, you can explore the continent’s tropical verdure and pre-Columbian majesty through

Delicious pancake restaurant Klosterküche – West

In Barber, just before the Christophel national park, two German ladies have started a successful pancake restaurant. Both sweet and savory pancake. As far as possible, use is made of proprietary organic vegetable from the cloister garden. There are only two tables, so booking is recommended WhatsApp: +599.9.6607861. Please follow

Diving instruction – from 8 years old

Curacao is one of the best dive sites in the world. You can take diving lessons at Blue Bay for the whole family . Children must be at least 8 years old. The underwater world is an unforgettable beautiful experience. Of course you can also rent or buy a snorkel

Windsurfing instruction – from 6 years old

Among others Spanish Water you can windsurfing. Beginners can take lessons. Children are allowed from 6 years to join the classes, provided they have a swimming certificate. Moreover there are many other water sports such as kayaking, diving and water skiing. Please follow and like us:

Parke Tropikal – Curacao Zoo

In Willemstad on the grounds of the former plantation Cas Cora , you’ll find a small zoo with a petting zoo. This zoo is very nice for (small) children and is being modernized again . There are many South American animals such as monkeys , lions , cougars , crocodiles,

Hato Caves

The Hato Caves are already very old. There are drawings and petroglyphs of the first inhabitants of the Ararwak Indians 1,500 years ago . Later in the period of slavery , the cave served as a useful refuge for slaves . The guide has a fascinating story making the trip

Sea Aquarium- Swimming with Dolphins

The Seaquarium is located near the popular Mambo Beach . The Curacao Sea Aquarium is one of the most unique aquarium in the world with among others many dolphins. Since 1984, the Sea Aquarium manages for all her animals to create the most natural habitat, because continuous fresh seawater flows

Ostrich Farm and Safari Tour (East)

The Ostrich Farm is located in a beautiful area on the way to Great St. George in Santa Catharina . You can see these fascinating birds up close and it is possible to participate in an educational an funny Safari Tour. This tour takes you on a safari truck farm

Hiking in the Christoffelpark (West)

In the national park Christoffelpark, hiking to the 374m high top takes an hour. There is an amazing view at the top, seeing Aruba, Bonaire. Botanical intested visitors might join a botanical tour in rare plants and trees Mo-Fri. Museum Savonet is on the entrance. It’s also close to Boka