The Blue Room (West near Playa St. Cruz))

The Blue Room is a beautiful blue lit cave, a unique spot on Curacao. You can walk to the cave, swim, snorkel and see a lot of fish. The sunlight can only reach the inside of the cave via the water. That’s why the cave is also called The Blue

Mambo Beach

This popular beach south east of Willemstad is surrounded by palm trees and especially on weekends very busy. It is near the Zeeauquarium and Delphin Academy. There are all kinds of bars, restaurants and water sports facilities. Please follow and like us:

Playa Lagun

This beach is especially popular with locals . Nearby there is a restaurant with magnificent views and on weekends it’s very cozy. There are boats of local fishermen on the beach; you can see the fishermen with their catch . Often the fish are cleaned on the beach and the

Playa Kenepa (Knip)

This is one of the nicer beaches of Curacao . Elongated and equipped with beach facilities. Also an attractive place for snorkeling and diving. It is also near the beautiful and interesting country house – museum Knip. Please follow and like us:

Jan Thiel Baai

This popular class has plenty of water sports facilities. It can be busy, particularly at weekends. Also beautiful location for snorkelling and diving location Jan Thiel Bay is in the area of ​​Jan Thiel (Willemstad) with many beautiful ‘ex-pat’ houses . Please follow and like us:

Playa Porto Marie

This beach is located on the eponymous former plantation . There are umbrellas, sun beds, shower and sanitary facilities, bar and restaurant . It is an attractive and snorkel and diving place.Dit beach is very suitable for children. Is desirable, you can have a lunch, drink or dinner at one

Playa Kalki

This white sandy beach , wedged into the limestone cliffs at the West Point is one of the best snorkeling spots on the island. It is also a beautiful beach with deckchairs and sun loungers. There is also a small bar restaurant available and a big diving school near the

Blue Bay Beach

This beautiful palm beach, one of the most beautiful white sand beaches of the iland, part of the Blue Bay Resort. It is also a very attractive location for divers and snorkelers. Blue Bay is named after a former plantation Blaauw where in former times, among others grew limes. Since

Playa Grandi and/or Small Curacao

At Playa Grandi (West) you can see the wonderful turtles swimming. You can also make a day trip to “Klein Curacao”, a small inhabited island at about one and a half hour boat ride from Curaçao . Trips are organized incl. food by diving school BB. Please follow and like